Ask a Recruiter is an ongoing series that covers topics both large and small facing students who are looking for their first job or internship. Even though we’re in the heat of summer, now’s the time to prepare for 2023 job and internship opportunities.

This series is written by Claire Shriver, an Early Career Recruiter on the University Recruiting team at Lenovo US.

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Back to School is right around the corner, and job postings are soon to be in full swing!

So the question of the day is: How long do you have to prepare? Most small and large companies begin posting 2023 internship, program and early career opportunities around the end of August and early September, so be sure to be on the lookout!

In addition, a good amount of companies are planning to be back on the road recruiting in person, so make sure to get your resume ready, work on those interview and communication skills, and know your timelines!

Just for reference, a typical timeline of a fall recruiting season might look something like this:

August/September: Applications are open!

September/October/November: Interview Stages taking place (can be 2-3 rounds depending on the role)

November/December: Offering Stages

The most important tip I received when applying for jobs is to apply for anything that might interest you! Most requirements on a job posting are just part of a wish-list. Go ahead and shoot your shot, you won't know unless you try. In addition, make sure the hiring team knows you are interested once applying. You could show them this by following up with an email, offering example pieces of your work, or even taking a look at their LinkedIn before the interview (make sure to do your research!)

Drop any questions below, I am always here to help!


About Claire:
Claire graduated from University of North Carolina – Wilmington in May 2021 and began her career at Lenovo a few months later. She is a Winston Salem native who spends her free time working out, cooking new recipes, going to the beach, and enjoying time with friends and family.

  • There are so many job opportunities out there but having help like a recruiter is a plus. All the help you can get will make it a little easier on you for your future..

  • Thanks for the great tips! Always on the lookout for good advice. 

  • I can't even imagine the post-pandemic school system and job recruiting. It looks like you are taking a step in the right direction Claire. Keep it up!

  • Great idea to connect with a recruiter. Recruiters may have a bad rep sometimes and how much pay they take depends on the recruiting agency and their contract with the organizations. The jobs in the job market seem to be scarce right now with the recession and employment cuts, hopefully this will improve by 2023 or 2024...

  • Big turnover at my company so I hire people all the time. My suggestion is to set your social media platforms to Private and/or clean up your memes and photos. If a hire comes down to 2 candidates I cannot decide which one to hire, I look at their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts. If there are a lot of drunk posts, off-color memes or any hints of racism, ageism, bigotry, etc, I will hire the other candidate.