Derron Payne is a 2020 Georgetown University Alum and author of The Art of the Pivot, a guidebook to navigating major life changes. While he completed his bachelor’s degree at Georgetown, Derron started in a very different place, Rockland Community College, with a brief stop at University of Cambridge. Follow his journey through this exclusive series he created for LenovoEDU:

· Impostor Syndrome Exists Everywhere 

· 7 Reasons to Choose Community College 

· Choosing the Right Community College

· Can I study abroad while at community college? 

· 5 Steps with Derron Payne

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Derron was born in Brooklyn, NY, and lived there for most of his life before going to school in Washington, DC. A huge fan of basketball and traveling, he also has a passion for entrepreneurship and mentorship. He is currently working on a new book currently set to be released at the end of the year, The Unorthodox Creator.