Ask a Recruiter is an ongoing series that covers topics both large and small facing students who are looking for their first job or internship. The following article focuses on where to start your job search. 

This series is written by Claire Shriver, an Early Career Recruiter on the University Recruiting team at Lenovo US.

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Three ways to find a job

With the hiring season approaching, you might be wondering how do you look for jobs? There are many resources you can use to job search. With that, finding yourself overwhelmed is completely okay! Here are some good ways to start:

  1. Go to Career Fairs.

My team and I (and I am sure others are too!) have plans to travel during the September/October months to visit schools across the country to find some new talent! Check your university's career center website on dates they will be hosting events! Universities also do a great job of offering different career fairs depending on your focus (Supply Chain, Real Estate, All Majors, and Intern Fairs are some examples of ones that I have seen!) This is a HUGE opportunity to network and speak to recruiters about what openings their company might have!

In addition to events, companies might be hosting information sessions virtually over the course of the fall months. Checking websites like Handshake, or Ripple Match allow you the opportunity to find and register for these information sessions and learn more about the company! Lenovo will be hosting sessions for our full-time programs, as well as speaker sessions with our Employee Resource Groups on Handshake, so look out for those this fall.


  1. Apply on Linkedin and Indeed:

These were websites I checked multiple times a day. You never know when a new opportunity might pop up. Be sure to read the job description and see if it is something you see yourself doing. I like to tell people, if you like the job in some capacity, apply! Some qualifications are just a wish-list, always worth shooting your shot!

When searching for jobs, I recommend using filters…say you are looking for a marketing role, try typing "marketing" "communications" "social media", or even "public relations". Filter to "entry level" or even the city you are looking in. These terms and filters could up your search game a whole lot more!


  1. Reach out to your network!

This is a way a lot of people use to find opportunities. It is how I found a lot of my opportunities when applying. I even got some help from my parents, and their network. Reach out and ask if the person has a few minutes to chat. Ask them about their company, if they know of any open jobs, etc.!

An informational interview is a great option here. This is an informal conversation you can have with someone working in an area of interest to you. It is an effective research tool and is best done after preliminary online research. It is not a job interview, just an opportunity for you to dig deeper in your job search and re-evaluate what you might be looking for!

The opportunities are endless! Make sure you are prepped and ready to go, you've got this! One thing I did in my job search, is keep track of everything I applied for. I would update the information every time I would receive an update. It kept my motivation up and helped push me through my process.

  • I feel like making a good LinkedIn account is really important for networking. I've enjoyed helping some colleagues create their pages and watching them grow with it!

  • LinkedIn is also a good tool that I have used.

  • These are three great tips I'll be sure to share with my peers.

  • Everything now is about networks!

  • Very good tips. I'm going to pass this on to my son who is looking for a job.