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What are your favorite hobbies? Whether you love reading new books, practicing yoga, or going on hikes in your community, you might have a hobby you can capture using movie-making tools. You can create a movie that chronicles some activities you like to do in your spare time.

Before pressing the record button on your favorite movie-making app, there are a few action items to check off your list. To start, you’ll want to review your hobbies and choose one to focus on for your movie. Then you’ll want to set an intention for your film and identify your audience. Finally, you can create a plan, shoot your movie, and share it in any way you like. Let’s unpack these steps together so you can make a film that captures your favorite activities!


Review Your Hobbies

There might be one clear standout on your list of hobbies, or you might have a strong passion for several different interests. To make sure your movie has a clear focus, choose just one hobby to focus on for your first film project. You might want to open up your laptop, jot down a list of your favorite hobbies, and rank them in order of highest to lowest interest. Once you have a topic in mind, you can move to the next step.


Set an Intention

Now that you’ve established your “what,” it’s time to focus on the “why.” Why are you making a movie? You might want to capture your hobbies on film, so your future self can look back at the progress you’ve made baking cakes, building a table, coding an app, or any other activity you’re focused on for this project. Alternatively, you might want to share your hobby with friends and family members to let them know what you’ve been working on over the past year. If your hobby is one you’d like to turn into a profession, your film could become part of a job application in the future.


Create a Plan

As you get ready to create your movie, you’ll want to make sure you choose tools that accomplish your goals. For example, Although you might sketch out a storyboard or make a short list with an outline of ideas, any kind of plan can help you craft an engaging movie about your hobbies. You’ll also want to consider that video editing apps require powerful performance from your device. So you will need a laptop that can keep up with your editing tasks and give you a smooth, responsive experience.

You can share your hobbies with the world with the help of movie-making tools. The reasons why you might make a movie to capture your hobbies are manifold. The film you make could become a vehicle for turning your passion into a professional endeavor or simply sharing a new project or interest with friends and family. As you reflect on activities you love, making a movie is the perfect way to capture your enthusiasm for a favorite hobby!


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Monica Burns, Ed.D. is a curriculum and educational technology consultant, and founder of ClassTechTips.com. She hosts the Easy EdTech Podcast and is author of Tasks Before Apps: Designing Rigorous Learning in a Tech-Rich Classroom.

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