Did you know there’s a LenovoEDU Community in the UK?

With graduation season happening now, we asked our UK members to look back and share what advice they would give themselves after leaving university/college. Read their insightful, motivating, and hopeful responses below. Have some advice you’d give to your younger self? Add it in the comments below!

  • Applying to your dream company at an entry-level position is worth your time - So is applying to a slightly higher tier position in a local industry, related to your desired occupation. Two of my friends have been hired by BBC national radio as producers after initially applying to, and working as producers of BBC Radio Merseyside. Also, I see a lot of people saying to take some time out after University and just relax. Avoiding burnout is great, but bear in mind that multinationals sometimes only hire fresh graduates on an annual basis, and you could miss out by 'chillaxing'. Michael H
  • Success is not winning, it's never surrendering. Even with good grades, or a seemingly good career choice, it can be hard to find the right job. Don't be satisfied with something that doesn't really satisfy you; thinking "it could be worse" is not a good attitude. Thinking "it could be better" will give you better results if you fight for them. Thus, allow me to repeat myself: success is not winning, it's never surrendering. JM M

  • One piece of advice I've always wanted to offer myself is to "learn to balance life and work, and never give up on the problems we face; they only make us stronger by improving our knowledge and remaining up to speed with new technology from day to day." It's terrible that I discovered this too late in my professional career, but it's never too late to start over. Tony

  • Know your worth: impostor syndrome can be bad sometimes. Also keep learning. Alba A

  • Don't be afraid to apply for jobs that you feel you're not ready for. The job interviews are a worthy experience too! PKX X

  • Strive to do what you really want to, not something that you feel is simply 'OK'. I didn't do that, and whilst I've ended up in a great job, its never been what I truly wanted to do, and that disappoints me a bit! Neil H

  • It doesn't really matter what you're doing, as long as you're doing it with passion. Christian Z
  • Take any help your college/ university gives in job placement as soon as possible even if they charge is worth it

  • Stick with a budget, prepare for unexpected financial needs. Save now and life will be less stressful later and long term.

  • Be organized and study. Devote certain times of the day for study and completing projects. Take a part time job in a field adjacent to or in your career choice. Getting work experience and meeting people will help find the next job on a road to your ultimate goal.

  • Follow your own heart. Don't try to please others with your career choices (or any other choices in life). 

  • If anything, I would tell my younger self to embrace your interests instead of fearing what others think.