Like most cutting-edge jobs in tech, careers in the field took off before schools could teach students about them. That’s rapidly changing in the world of esports. While there are very few esports majors right now, there are a lot of career-based majors that can be paired with a background and passion for esports to create a rewarding career. From hospitality and events management to finance and accounting for this lucrative, growing industry. Watch the latest episode of Everything Esports with Jeff Palumbo to learn more.

Have a question about esports for Jeff? Share it in the comments below. How do you deal with stress and burnout?

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  • My son is so interested in esports. I am going to share this video with him.

  • I'm going to show this to my son. He is so interested in this stuff!

  • A general liberal arts education and a background in gaming and computer science.

  • Environmental Science and Policy

  • You would be looking for something that you would like to do after esports. People age and you reflexes won't be what the used to be.

  • If you want to be a contestant/player, then  skip school and practice the games for hours and hours.  If you want to Promote e-Sports, then marketing major would help. If you want to invest in e-sports, then a finance degree.  Etc...

  • It is important to distinguish between the playing of an export and the establishment and maintaining of the 'arena' where the 'action' takes place. Things expand even further when you include the promotion of and the reporting of any event.

  • Lots of esports postings. Wondering what else LenovoEDU is supporting in education. 

  • much like a career in sports, college is secondary. Educational facilities are geared more to bring money in than to prepare anyone for a career

  • I agree with Peter M.  College is expensive.  If you are going to focus on Esports as a career, save your money and focus on your gaming.  If you want a career that requires a degree of some sort either as a practical matter or back-up plan, focus on the degree you would have pursued if Esports were not in the picture.