What schools are investing in esports? There are a lot of schools who are taking esports to the next level. Jeff Palumbo talks through the landscape of competitive esports including the National Association of Collegiate Esports and future careers and scholarships for students interested in all aspects of esports.

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  • A senior from our town just got a full ride to an amazing college for esports!

  • Are there any ways of making college esports teams revenue-positive like football or basketball?

  • I would have never thought this would be a thing, but apparently it has become huge.  I couldn't have imagined this 10 years ago!

  • Interesting to see how this all is developing. Still skeptical. 

  • CEA is another cool organization that does college Esports too. Great to hear about support for esports in this video.

  • Thank you for this series, Jeff. As you said, baby steps.
    South Korea and recently Japan have some programs in the making, schools completely dedicated to eSports. I'm interested in how many of us western nations will follow suit.

  • Thanks for sharing. Love this!

  • Whether I like it or not this seems to be a big focus of Ed folks...I have no idea why?

  • This is really fascinating to me how huge this has become!

  • E-Sports are really taking off and becoming part of the mainstream!