It’s always important to reflect on the people who have guided, motivated, and inspired us throughout our lives. 

We asked our LenovoEDU UK community members to share some of the people who have helped motivate and inspire them. Read their responses below.

Who has been an important influence in your life? Add it in the comments below.

  • "My older sister was cleaning Hotel rooms for extra cash before University - less than ten years later she was the youngest VP in the history of Sungard AS. It's pretty hard to not be inspired by that! On a Macro level, Klaus Lackner. Some have dismissed his work as solutioneering, but I have nothing but admiration for someone who addresses a real problem today, in the face of critics who do far less." Michael H
  • "I still remember one teacher that show me Quality Assurance in software, a subject that was kindly boring, but somehow it called my attention, and from that point, It was clear to me that will be my career path! From that point, my colleagues and inspiring boss do the rest, plus enjoying time at work is the most important inspiration tool!" Gonzalo C
  • "I have many interests and goals spread across both work and personal projects. For each interest there is a multitude of people who are successful in that field. I try to take a little motivation and inspiration from each of them and equally I try to inspire myself where I can." aBoijj
  • "Mark Shuttleworth, the creator of Ubuntu and a self-funded astronaut is my inspiration. I want to go to space too someday!" PKX X
  • "There is an athlete who has continuedly inspired me since my last year at school till now, 8 years on. I really admire Yuzuru Hanyu, because he has faced so many adversities in his career, but keeps pushing on to advance his sport, AND on top of that recently published an incredible masters thesis on how to use AI in the judging system." Sibina K

  • "Of course, my family is the biggest motivator and inspirer in my life, they've been present in every move I've taken to push forward and motivate me. I've always wanted to pursue higher education but have been unable to do so due to my job obligations; nonetheless, this hasn't stopped me from learning new things. But now that I'm a full-time student, I'm quite proud of the fact that I've left my job to focus more on my master's degree and strive for more success in the future." Tony

  • "Warren Spector. As a video game designer, I really like looking towards other designers to see how they do their work. No one is as good as Warren Spector in my opinion as he shares a lot of his experience in his talks. It’s really interesting hearing him explain the value of revisiting ideas, how to have a productive workflow and the value of teamwork. Also explaining how to save a product that looks unsavable is really inspiring. Without hearing him I would probably not discuss my design ideas as much with others and therefore make worse games." Max B

  • "Some of my old professors really inspire me when I see they still enrol on courses and keep learning despite already having a career and being successful. Just for the sake of knowledge and being up to date." Alba A
  • My mother and luckily all the leaders I have worked for so far. All have instilled in me a huge passion to make a difference anywhere I go and to push beyond, never give up while keeping a close eye and open heart for those around me. Thank you, I am forever grateful! 

  • Steve Irwin Inspires me, or should say inspired me to further my research on wildlife conservation. R.I.P

  • My parents both motivated and inspired me throughout my life. They taught by example and practiced what they preached. They influenced me in so many positive ways. I can't thank them enough for always being there for me.

  • My daughter inspires me!

  • My mom motivates me to work hard. She never had much in life, but never gave up hope that her kids could do better.