by Jaclyn DiGregorio

When I started my business from my dorm room at Georgetown University in 2016, my biggest fear was failure. 

Two years into following my dreams, I was faced head on with that fear. My first major failure was creating a product that no one, outside of my family and friends, actually wanted. I still have dozens of boxes stacked up inside my grandmother’s garage of that unwanted product.

A few months later, my next idea was to build a mobile app. After spending thousands of dollars on development, the app was filled with bugs and constantly crashed. Committed to my goals, I hired three different sets of developers. Even with top talent, the app still had major problems, and I eventually chalked it up as another failure.


While I definitely thought about giving up on my dreams, I made a conscious decision that in spite of all of my failures, I would keep going.

Through this process, I realized that the reason so many people fear failure is because they believe that failure is the opposite of success.

In reality, failure is not the opposite of success…giving up is. Failure and giving up are quite different. Failure is an experience where we learn lessons that better prepare us for future success. Giving up is letting go of your goals and dreams.

If you want to build a successful business, all you need to do is make a decision right now, in this moment, that you will never give up. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, each time, you will stand back up.

I encourage you to take this a step further and use failure as a learning experience. Below are a few journal prompts that will help you reflect on the failures you will inevitably experience on your journey to success.

  • What were the biggest lessons this failure taught me?
  • How have I grown into a better version of myself through this failure?
  • How am I better prepared to achieve my goals as a result of this failure?

My failures have taught me so much more than any success ever has. Through my failures, I learned how to cultivate a positive mindset despite challenging times, how to effectively market my products and services, and most importantly, I was redirected to where I was meant to be- speaking, writing and coaching.

Today, I’ve written two best-selling books, coached dozens of women, and spoken on more than 100 stages across the U.S. I am not successful in spite of my failures. I am successful BECAUSE of them, and the same will be true for you! I can’t wait to see the amazing things you accomplish.

Jaclyn DiGregorio is a motivational speaker, mindset coach and best-selling author of Stop Getting in Your Own Way. At age 21, Jaclyn started her first business from her dorm room at Georgetown University. She has been featured by Forbes, Elite Daily, Bustle and Washington Business Journal, and her book has been featured on Good Morning Washington.