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If you listen to podcasts, you already know that this is a powerful medium for learning new things and hearing from experts. Are there topics that you are passionate about? Perhaps you love to grill or bake, or maybe you are a master crafter or woodworker. Sharing your passions with a podcast is an excellent way to let the world know about your ideas and interests.

Audio content is growing in popularity, and you might have a few favorite podcasts you already listen to each week. You might want to move beyond a written form, like a blog post, and share your enthusiasm for a topic in audio format, like a podcast. This medium allows you to express ideas and emotions digitally and post your episodes to an international audience.

There are a few reasons why starting a podcast might be the perfect way to share your passions. Starting a podcast can help you connect with experts as you conduct interviews, build a community of people with similar interests, and become a leader in your field.


Interview Experts

A podcast gives you a platform to interact with experts in an area you’d like to learn more about by asking questions. It establishes you as someone in the field who is valuable to speak with to learn more about a topic. You can reach out to experts and ask them questions about your shared interests. An excellent first step is to locate a person you would like to talk to on social media. Then, you can message them directly through that platform or find their email using any information they share on their social profile or website. Share an invitation to join you on your podcast, along with the reasons you’d like to chat with them.


Build a Community

When you have a podcast, it connects you to a community of podcasters and industry experts as well as your listeners. If you want to build a community around your passion, starting a podcast can help you gain traction in your area of interest. Sharing your podcast on social media can help you connect with listeners worldwide who have questions about a topic or want to contribute to the conversation.


Become a Leader

Having a podcast doesn’t automatically make you an expert or leader in the field, but it can help move you in that direction. Being passionate about a topic is the first step, and as you build content, like a podcast, around your passion, opportunities may follow. You will be seen as a part of the community around a hobby, favorite activity, or interest and primed for a leadership role should one emerge.

Getting started with a podcast might be easier than you think. If you’re motivated to share your passions this way, don’t wait. You can use an audio recording tool on your device to record interviews and solo episodes and publish your podcast using free tools that connect to popular podcast player apps. If you’re editing your podcast, you’ll want to make sure you have a device that can handle the task. Make sure to choose a laptop that can keep up with your editing tasks and give you a smooth, responsive experience as you create great content. When you’re ready to share your passions with the world, a podcast might be the perfect vehicle to do so.


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Monica Burns, Ed.D. is a curriculum and educational technology consultant, and founder of ClassTechTips.com. She hosts the Easy EdTech Podcast and is author of Tasks Before Apps: Designing Rigorous Learning in a Tech-Rich Classroom.

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  • Thanks for sharing Monica! A podcast is definitely an avenue to create your niche community thats personal to you. It could be supplemented via other forms of social media and discord to better connect with members and sharing your passion!

  • Pretty solid info on podcasting. It's a wonderful place to put out content.

  • I'm a very shy person in public, but I feel like if you are already in a community of people that share your same passion, they should be able to support you during your podcasts if there is an awkward silence and make it easy to collect your thoughts for the next topic to bring up.

  • I have never thought about doing a podcast but I do know a lot about owning a small business and how navigate everything from negotiating dealerships and purchasing to hiring/firing personnel, accounting and retail cashiering. Something to think about.

  • I've always wanted to start a podcast, I've actually been told a couple of times by a few acquaintances that they would actually listen to a podcast if I were to host one just by the way I talk about things, much to my surprise because I wouldn't even bring up the idea. I always tell people to just go for it when they say they want to, so I guess its time for me to just take my own advice as well.

  • Podcasts can be listened to virtually anywhere which means they are perfect for people who want to catch up on their passions in their free time.

  • I have thought about this so many times and never carried thru because of fear. One of these day's I'm going to just SHUT UP and DO IT..