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In this episode: 

How can the future of immersive learning change how we relate to the ocean? Join host, educator and award-winning storyteller Wesley Della Volla and guest Dr. Erika Woolsey as they discuss first ocean stories, coral reef exploration, and the future of immersive learning.  

Dr. Erika Woolsey is a marine biologist who has been studying and exploring coral reefs around the world for over 15 years, with a particular focus on how rising ocean temperatures affect coral populations. She is the CEO and Chief Scientist at  The Hydrous, an ocean literacy nonprofit that combines science, design, and emerging technologies to create access to ocean exploration. A National Geographic Explorer, Visiting Scholar and Lecturer at Stanford University, and esteemed science communicator, Erika is dedicated to public engagement of science and believes the ocean is too good not to share.  

This episode is part 1 of our conversations with Dr. Woolsey. Check out the next episode with her: “Shoulders of Giants” 

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  • Love the ocean, this is great!

  • The ocean is such an important regulator of the CO2/O2 in the atmosphere; but we neglect and abuse it so much.    What's with all the floating seaweed to the southern Atlantic ocean?  (Soon to be on beaches from Cuba to Florida.  Is this a result of overgrowth due to the high CO2?

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