• Why there is a lot paid sites based on AI ?

    Why there a lot of paid sites based on AI that u maybe need it one time in a month with a monthly sub without benefit from ?

  • I am a fresh graduate from Agriculture Sciences college , now I do not know what i should do what field I must stick with?

    I am a fresh graduate Agriculture Sciences college, now I do not know what i should do what field I must stick with. I have a lot of courses, but in different fields?

  • Styluses for Lenovo Yoga

    What styluses have you used for laptops / tablets like the Yoga, and which ones would you recommend? 

  • If you are not art user, Do you really need active stylus for laptop?

    I had a yoga with active stylus. I thought I would use it a lot to take notes for courses, projects etc., but it actually not as much as I expect. I do really like the touch screen. This also happen to my friends who bought iPad pro and apple pencil, hardly…

  • Odd programing language

    I recently did a deep dive into the fascinating world of unconventional programming languages, such as Chicken by Torbjörn Söderstedt and Chef by David Morgan-Mar. Do any of you happen to know of other quirky or unusual programming languages?…

  • School subjects

     What subjects should be added/cut from the high school US curriculum?

  • #giveaway

    So, you know I'm going to tattoo LENOVO on my body as soon as I win this right :) it's gona be great. I'm going to use my new laptop to design my tattoo, and to share it with the community and probably news . "Lady tattoos herself after winning Yoga Computer…

  • Favorite Subject?

    What was your favorite subject in High School and why?

    Same thing for college?

    My HS favorite subjects were Geometry, Trig, and Physics. I saw real-world applications for pretty much everything I learned in those classes.

    In College, I really enjoyed…

  • Whats a video series/tutorial/howto that you wish was either updated or created?

    Think setup organization would be something I'd be interested in. 

    Efficient use of space is key to productivity. 

    What are some other ideas? Home repair? Budget dyi projects? 

  • What Keeps You Motivated When You Feel Nothing Is Working Out In Your Favor?

    What keeps you motivated when everything seems to be working against you? Whether in career, school or home life. What gives you that drive to not give up no matter how many times you have failed? I am interested in knowing what motivates you to not give…

  • Choosing a University or College

    How did you decide where to apply?  To how many schools did you submit applications?

    Assuming you received more than 1 acceptance letter, how did you choose which school to attend?

  • LinkedIn

    Has anyone that you know ever gotten a job through LinkedIn?  

  • What would be a good laptop choice for a graduate student in engineering?

    As a ThinkPad lover, I have used T460p as my portable laptop since my x60 died. And I have a chance to use P17 gen 2 for my research. 

    Until recently, I believed computation power should be the priority for a graduate student in the engineering field.

  • What is the minimum education you think is needed in todays climate ?


  • What did you get this Black Friday & Cyber Monday? Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal recommendations!

    Curious to learn what you got on Black Friday & Cyber Monday and what great deals there are.