• What's your stress reliever?

    During breaks between studying or exams, what's your go to stress reliever? Is it cleaning your desk/room? Exercise? Or watching cooking videos on youtube?

  • What did you get this Black Friday & Cyber Monday? Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal recommendations!

    Curious to learn what you got on Black Friday & Cyber Monday and what great deals there are.

  • What do you think will be the next big advancement in science?

    I personally think it'll be gaining a better understanding of the brain/consciousness or figuring out what dark matter and dark energy are. What do you think?

  • Coding & Programming Languages to learn

    Anyone who knows Programming languages, which ones do you know and which ones have you used that are the most useful?

  • Highest Degree Goal

    What would be the highest degree you would like to accomplish while in college?? 

  • Comment on 6 Ways to Introduce STEM Careers to Kids

    Yes, I think after what we've experienced the last few years, "listening to experts" on anything, is downright dumb.