• Comment on Win a Storm Grey Yoga 9i - February 2024 Giveaway

    LOL! I've typed those words HUNDREDS of times on internet contests....like TWO wins! Don't get  me wrong, I'm over the moon but its such a freak occurrence.

  • Incorporating LLM (Large Language Models) into Work and Research

    Inspiration Why did I choose this topic?

    Having tested earlier versions of LLM, like ChatGPT, I decided "it's better manually".  I found the output to be so unreliable — due to various types of errors, including factual — that it was just…

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    Sooner or later you gotta win one of these....don't ya?

  • Art Talk

    What art are you making?  What art and artist are inspiring you these days? Any and all mediums.

  • Lenovo Tech

    Anyone else having trouble with the Lenovo EDU community site today?

  • Comment on (Ended) Win a Yoga 6 - January 2024 Giveaway

    To start creating. I used to be a really creative person- writing, photography, drawing. Lately I've been in a slump. I need to get myself back into a creative mode.

  • Advice needed

    Anybody got some advice for me? I'm trying to earn college tuition on my own. I've tried everything online but am not making much headway, I've tried writing gigs only to be denied after submitting trial tests that took days, transcription sites didnt…

  • Earbuds

    whats the better earbud brand? and does anyone have trouble keeping theirs connected?

  • Education in Retirement.

    What can I do to keep up to date on ideas and tools for education while I am retired. I don't want to stop helping students with their math yet i am retired. Sometimes it is hard to let go of the career. Do I need to let it go?

  • Comment on (Ended) Win a Yoga 6 - January 2024 Giveaway

    Good stuff! Good luck folks.

      , is it possible to update the giveaway links with the the Gleam links added as well? That usually helps me save time when entering for the giveaways. Thanks in advance.

  • Looking for advice

    I'm currently taking a coding bootcamp online but I have no experience, what-so-ever, in computer languages.

    Any advice on anything pertaining to coding, especially in finding a coach or teacher in class room/lab environment, would be greatly appreciated…

  • [Update 1] EDU Announcement

    Hello everyone. I wanted to make a post really quick in case there were any concerns with the floods seen within the past few hours.

    Please be assured that the issue is being handled to the best of our ability. Performance may be slow due to this along…

  • I can't stay focused for more than 2 hours straight?

    How to tackle these problems