• AI takeover?

    Anyone concerned about the possibility of AI taking over the job industry?

    It seems like people are excited to embrace this new technology but is it going to force us to give up our jobs in the long run?

  • Least favorite subject

    What is your least favorite subject and why?

  • Procrastinating

    I'm currently working towards my bachelor's degree at a self-paced university, but I find myself procrastinating due to distractions like my phone, conversations with friends, and household interactions. When I manage to fully focus, I can complete most…

  • (Ended) Win a Yoga 7i - December 2023 Giveaway

    US EDU Giveaway - December '23

    Edit: CONGRATS to this month's winner,  

    Enter to win a Lenovo Yoga 7i!

    Celebrate the holidays with your last chance to win a new Yoga laptop in 2023 from the Lenovo EDU Community!

    Would you keep this prize…

  • Does technology know you better than yourself/others?

    It's old news that technology tracks us and uses our data to personalize recommendations. Social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok use such algorithms to drive people to watch certain content. People have even been using Tiktok recommendations…

  • IceBreaker

    Hello fellow students,

          How is everyone doing today, how is everything going in school so far? Can’t wait to connect with all of you guys. Have a great night and stay healthy. 

    Your friend,


  • Hey, Online Students! What are your go-to study tips?

    What are some of the best ways you've learned to self-teach since you aren't in a classroom?

    Any tips for working with long-distance peers/colleagues?

  • MacBook vs Windows Laptops

    Do most college students prefer MacBook over Windows laptops?

  • What is your most used tech gadget?

    What is the tech gadget that you use the most?   This can be anything from a smart phone,  computer, tablet, smart tv, etc.   For me It would probably be a close tie between my gaming computer and smart phone.  My least used tech device would be my iPad. [Due…

  • Is this the golden time for handheld consoles?

    With the addition of the Legion Go, the competition for handheld gaming is the best it's ever been, with the release of 3 main ones in the past 2 years (Steam deck, Asus Ally, and Legion Go coming soon). I think the ideal point is a hybrid between a game…

  • Do you have time for hobbies?

    If so, what is the hobby for which you consistently set aside some time?

    How does your hobby help your balance student life with personal life?

  • Christmas

    Christmas is almost here, what are your Plans?

  • What is everyones preferred online learning platform?

    I've been looking into taking some online courses on Coursera and it appears that they have some good courses but I wanted to know what everyone else has tried with a lot of success and why they chose a different platform?

    Do you think that taking…

  • Favorite tech for a college student?

    As a college student we go though different types of tech. What is your preferred technology equipment while pursuing your degree?

  • Accomplishments

    What are the achievements you are most proud of? In business, education, personal life, anything.