• Study in silence or with music?

    I prefer to focus, read, work and study in silence. But some friends always have some music on.

    What about you?

  • Favorite laptop backpack for notes

    What is your favorite laptop to snuggle in your backpack and easy to access?

  • Do you think chatGPT and similar tools have a place in the classroom?

    Everyone is talking about chatGPT being used to plagarize or to avoid doing work. But do you think chatGPT has a legitimate place in the classroom? Is it a useful research tool?

  • Tips On Connecting with your Professors

    1. Show that you’re interested in the subject. This doesn’t mean you have to have perfect grades and flawless work, but that you’re showing genuine interest in the content. Showing up to class on time, being respectful to not just the professor but the…

  • What would the ideal build of a laptop for a computer programmer consist of?


    I am a student learning computer programming and I wanted to know the recommended laptop specs low, mid and high for a computer programmer.

    Thank you kindly.